Mötley Crüe’s well-known member and famous bassist, Nikki Sixx, has shared a recent tweet about ‘Opioid Addiction’ via his official and verified Twitter account.

The bassist has made an important statement about the very serious health problem called ‘Opioid Addiction.’ Also, Nikki said that he wanted to do something for Opioid foundations and Opioid patients.

Here’s what he wrote in the tweet:

“Disappointed in the artists who won’t stand up together and make a stand against opioid addiction.

It’s not too late…#WeCanSaveLives #MaybeItsTime #JoinMe.”

Also, Nikki Sixx has made a similar statement about opioid abuse on his official Facebook account a few days ago. You can see this Facebook post if you click here.

Here’s the statement of Nikki Sixx:

“More people died from opioid abuse last year than from traffic accidents.

We lost Juice WRLD, Tom Petty, Prince and many more musicians, doctors, machinists, taxi drivers, athletes, teachers, cashiers and people from all walks of life.

THIS MUST STOP. Maybe it’s time for artists and the music industry to step up and save lives.

I’m working with several artists and music companies to do just that.
Please join me! #maybeitstime.”

You can see the tweet of Nikki Sixx right below.