Photo: Metal Wani

During a new question and answer session on Twitter, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has shared some new informations about his personal life.

There’s a myth that Nikki got into fights at school because of bullies call him “Alice Bowie”. A fan asked:

“Is it true you were called Alice Bowie in school? Did it bothered you?”

Nikki responded:

Yes. Seattles Roosevelt High school in the 70’s. The other kids didn’t understand our small group of colorful characters. Too be honest that’s a huge compliment.

Another fan said:

“I met Geddy Lee today. Wondering if he is an influence on your music and playing style?”

Nikki responded:

He’s a genius bass player but not an influence on my style. Love the first Rush album BTW. #WorkingMan #Cowbell”

A fan named Jeff asked:

“Are you fav band 70s @uriah_heep ???”

Nikki responded:

“What a killer band. So much texture to their recordings. They don’t get enough credit.

Another fan said:

“Have you seen Randy Rhoads live?”

Nikki replied:

“Yes many times in Quiet Riot playing in the club days and then with Ozzy.”

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