Mötley Crüe’s legendary bass guitarist, Nikki Sixx posted a recent tweet on his social media account and revealed the bizarre conversation he had with a local station worker.

As you will read the statements of Nikki below, he revealed the story of him buying tampons for his wife, Courtney Sixx, and how a guy yelled at him just before buying it.

Here’s what happened today:

“I didn’t even know the guy at my local station knew who I was. Today he yelled out the door “Glad the Crüe is back” Glad that didn’t happen when my wife made me buy tampons.”

A user named Jennifer W. said that to Nikki:

“Damn, I wish I was a checker at that store… I would totally say something totally inappropriate!! LOL.

I wasn’t really a fan back in high school (‘86-‘90) I got to see y’all at The Summit! (Y’all opened for a band I was into!) I hope to see y’all when you come back to H-town!”

Another user named Heather Gibson commented:

“I’m pretty sure had that happened in that moment, it would not have been the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you.

You would’ve been just fine. You would’ve owned the moment.”

You can see the tweet of Nikki Sixx right below.