Photo: Loudwire

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has made an answer and question session on Twitter today. He has descriped his feelings about their upcoming Netflix movie, The Dirt with this tweet:

“Got a boat load of press tomorrow and as usual I can’t sleep. What I enjoy about interviews is sharing the process and excitement about something you’ve worked your ass off. #TheDirtMovie QUESTIONS?”

A fan named Natasha Marshall asked:

“How was it working with Jeff Tremaine?”

Nikki responded:

“He’s got laser focus and when he says he’s gonna deliver he delivers. I would like to work with him and his team again. Plus he’s a Cruehead.”

Another fan named Sondra Dyson wrote:

“Is the Netflix release a world wide release?”

Nikki responded:

“Fuck yes”

Ceewoz asked:

“what’s your favorite late night snack? 🤓”

Nikki responded:

“When young and struggling I would steal Ramon noodles and a few eggs from the store. Throw them all in a pot and you got food for a few days. I like to revisit it sometimes. Actually awesome”

Another fan asked:

“How long is #TheDirtMovie”

Nikki said:

“It’s a 4 hour movie.”

Check the tweets below.