Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has made an answer and question session on Twitter today. He has descriped his feelings about their upcoming Netflix movie, The Dirt with this tweet:

“Got a boat load of press tomorrow and as usual I can’t sleep. What I enjoy about interviews is sharing the process and excitement about something you’ve worked your ass off. #TheDirtMovie QUESTIONS?”

A fan named Natasha Marshall asked:

“How was it working with Jeff Tremaine?”

Nikki responded:

“He’s got laser focus and when he says he’s gonna deliver he delivers. I would like to work with him and his team again. Plus he’s a Cruehead.”

Another fan named Sondra Dyson wrote:

“Is the Netflix release a world wide release?”

Nikki responded:

“Fuck yes”

Ceewoz asked:

“what’s your favorite late night snack? 🤓”

Nikki responded:

“When young and struggling I would steal Ramon noodles and a few eggs from the store. Throw them all in a pot and you got food for a few days. I like to revisit it sometimes. Actually awesome”

Another fan asked:

“How long is #TheDirtMovie”

Nikki said:

“It’s a 4 hour movie.”

Check the tweets below.