During a recent question and answer session on Twitter, Mötley Crüe co-founder Nikki Sixx has responded to the question he got from the fans, and one of the questions is very interesting to see.

As we all know, Nikki Sixx is one of the most active stars of rock and metal communities. He uses his Instagram account to show recent news about his personal life. Plus, he’s also a habitue Twitter user, and he regularly uses it to respond to some fan questions he got by using the ‘AskSixx’ hashtag.

Today, Nikki did another question and answer session on Twitter and responded to the question that who is the most underrated bass player of all time. You can see below that Nikki has a simple answer: ‘me!’

A fan named Debbie asked a question about Nikki’s new book:

“What’s next for you with the tour and HD Musical on hold? Any plans to release a “Best of Photography” book by Nikki Sixx…. a coffee table version. Thanx!”

Nikki replied:

“Writing a book. A couple of things floating around in my head. HD is on hold as all live events. Motley tour on hold. Got some great stuff coming”

Another fan named Michaela asked:

“Hello, Nikki. first best wishes to Wyoming? Do you miss anything in Wyoming from L.A city life?”

Nikki responded:

“Hell no.”

Check out the tweets below.