The bass player of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx has made an exciting announcement about the future plans of the band on Twitter and revealed that they’ll be careful about what the fans are expecting from them.

After a while, a fan named F11TZ asked a question to Nikki about the setlist of the upcoming tour. And Nikki has responded to the fan with a bold ‘sexist’ reference. You can read the whole conversation below.

Nikki tweeted:

“We hear yoü…..22 stadiums are all that’s planned for now but we really do 👂🏼 yöu!!!!!”

The fan asked:

“Any chance Red Hot is on the setlist?”

Nikki responded:

“Never know. We haven’t talk sexist yet. 👍🏽”

A fan named Rob commented to Nikki’s statement by writing:

“Please change it up a lot from show to show! Keep us guessing! Every show should be different.”

Check out the tweet of Sixx below.