Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has shared his favorite childhood memory that makes him smile every time, during a question and answer session.

A fan named Tawnya asked:

“Do you have a favorite childhood memory that makes you smile when you think about it?”

Nikki responded:

“Fishing with my grandfather Tom.”

Another fan named ‘hells angel’ asked:

“What are you most excited about in this coming year?”

Nikki responded:

“One day at a time with your eyes always on the end zone.”

Jacob Kai asked:

“The question for me is, do you guys have a song that features MGK since he’s in the film and makes his living in music too?”

Nikki responded:

“Yes. New song with MGK is coming really soon. We wrote the song for #TheDirtMovie”

Nikskyler asked:

“In one word, how would you describe the new Motley music? Love you!

Nikki said:

“Heavy Crüe…”

Mario Diurno asked:

“How did you maintain your recovery on the road for so many years”

Nikki wrote:

It’s easy when you WANNA be sober. Drunk people also reinforce that…….”

You can see the tweets below.