Mötley Crüe’s legendary bassist and also co-founder of the band, Nikki Sixx, has posted an interesting photo of himself via his official Twitter account to show how he protects himself from coronavirus.

In the photo, he was wearing a mask with surgical gloves and doing all of these for protecting himself from the coronavirus.

Here’s what he wrote with this pose:

“If your going out protect yourself and those around you…”

After he shared this photo, his followers wrote a lot of comments and they gave some ideas to Nikki Sixx about what he needs to do for the protection of himself

A user named Patricia wrote this:

“That doesn’t help the virus can get in through your eyes and any gap that may be in the mask.

If you are sick stay at home if you are going out stay away from the elderly and babies. Wash your hands.”

Another user named Luka Jesse commented:

“It’s nice you want to protect people but please leave the masks for those of us who are in the risk group.

I badly need a mask and can’t get one because they’re sold out everywhere.”

You can see the tweet of him right below.