Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx drew attention to drug addiction with the photo of a homeless guy in France.

He has shared a heartbreaking photo with this caption:

“Took this in a small town in France.Broad daylight in a public square. Addiction is a global issue and comes in many forms.

It breaks my heart every time I push the shutter.#nikkisixxphotography @nikkisixxpixx @nikkisixxphotography #DontLookAway #MaybeIysTime”

You can see the photo below.

A fan responded:

“Norway is the same. I’m doing a photography project called “The Street” to be displayed later this year, portraying the person and not the persons problem.

You inspire me with these heartbreaking images, as twisted as that sounds… we have a lot to learn by listening and “seeing” the people who’s addiction have branded them in the society… much respect for pushing the shutter”

Another fan wrote:

“That is heartbreaking…but glad you captured to make us aware.”

Back in November 2017, he has shared his advices for people struggling with addiction. Here’s the video of his speech: