Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page and celebrated the comeback of the 2020 MLB season which was started back on July 23.

Just like the whole sports competitions, MLB 2020 had been postponed due to coronavirus outbreak. As a die-hard baseball fan, Nikki Sixx posed with his baseball bat and stated that he’s eager to get back on stages by saying the Rock N Roll is next.

As you might already familiar with the news that whole Crüe members were working their asses off for getting in shape for ‘The Stadium Tour,’ and it seems that Nikki has managed to protect his muscled body during the outbreak.

According to the caption of the photo, this rare image was taken by famous community photographer Dustin Jack.

Here is what he simply wrote on the caption:

“Baseball is back…
Next up Rock@n Roll 📸 by @dustinjackphoto”

Check out the photo below.