Mötley Crüe co-founder and the bassist of the band for decades, Nikki Sixx, has shared a new photo on his verified Instagram account today and showed his respect to The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards by sharing the never-before-seen gift he got from him.

As you may check out the photo right below that Keith has autographed the photo that was taken in Atlantic Records, according to Nikki himself, he got that gift from Keith on his 33rd birthday in 1991.

After sharing the photo he got from Keith, almost 30K followers of Nikki Sixx have liked the photo including the legendary Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and System Of A Down keyboardist, also a well-known political activist Serj Tankian.

You may remember from our recently published articles that this is not the first time Nikki has talked about Keith. Back in November, Nikki has shared yet another post about Keith and showed his respect to him once again.

Here is what he said earlier:

“The truth is what it is, he talks straight. Music is no BS. We did a few shows together. It was an honor to hang out a bit. Proud to be a fan of your essence and what a fucking songwriter. Happy Birthday.”

Here is what Sixx wrote:

“Got this from The Man when I turned 33.”

You can click here to check out the post.