Mötley Crüe’s iconic bassist and also famous social media phenomenon, Nikki Sixx, has shared a new tweet on his official Twitter account and revealed his thought about the statement of a successful American doctor, Anthony Fauci.

On Sunday, Anthony Fauci criticized the Trump administration because doctors have to work really hard because of the coronavirus these days. He also slammed Trump’s coronavirus policy by saying ‘If they had taken action earlier, the result wasn’t like that.’

Today, Dr. Fauci talked again about this topic but this time, he used a very soft attitude about the Trump administration instead of his accusatory speech style.

After these incidents, Nikki Sixx shared a new tweet on his Twitter account and criticized Dr. Fauci by calling him ‘ass kisser.’

Here’s what Nikki wrote:

“So now Dr. Fauci is now an ass kisser to save his job. These people don’t care about us. Self-serving political pricks…”

You can see the tweet of him right below.

Edit: Later a day, Nikki deleted his tweet.