Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has shared one of his youth photographs on Instagram and wrote a tragic story.

He said that ‘I steal money outta some girls purse’. Here’s what he wrote on Instagram:

“1978-I was 20.#Hollywood. As hard as it was at times it was easy because life was sorta simple.💀

Wake up, write music, go to rehearsal or load into a club for a gig then get drunk, steal money outta some girls purse so I had food to eat the next day and pass out: Wake up-Repeat. #RocknRoll”

See the photo below.

Two days ago, he wrote on Instagram:

“Going through boxes of stuff and finding tons of old stage clothes.Organizing the madness, jackets, shirts, pants, boots, gloves etc.

Gonna document it all and put it up for sale soon.Probably March to celebrate the @motleycrue movie @netflix #TheDirtMovie.I don’t usually hang on to stuff and by donating a % of the proceeds to @covenant_house it will help out the youth over there like I did with a % of the proceeds from The Heroin Diaries book.

I actually build a music room for everybody which brings me great joy knowing they have a creative outlet beyond all the hard work they are doing on themselves.”

See the photo below.