Mötley Crüe bass guitarist and co-founder, Nikki Sixx, shared the new updates about his upcoming book via his official Instagram account.

As you might already know, Nikki shared three books about his career, life, and drug addiction so far, and he also announced at the start of this year that he will release a new book in further days.

Yesterday, he gave an update about the process of this book and mentioned that he read the book for the third time. According to Nikki, he will start editing the book after his reading is done.

As Nikki was saying that the cover of the book is already done, he also mentioned that he learned a lot about himself while writing this book and hoped that everybody would learn about themselves while reading it.

Here is what Nikki Sixx captioned:

“Outdoor office weather for sure today in Jackson. 3rd time reading through the new book.This ain’t a bad place to do it. I’d say 60 pages to go? Then starts the editing (Open Heart Surgery With A Chainsaw).

Book cover is done. Soon starts the design element of the book. Got a lot of photos to go through.I love this process. The question I always ask people who tell me they wanna write a book is ‘Why?’

Is it a vanity project or do you really have something you need to say? I take that to heart before I start a new book. I’ve learned a lot about myself during this book process but what I really hope is you learn and remember somethings about yourself.”

You can check out the picture that Nikki shared below.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram