On social media, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a new photo of his daughter, Ruby, and the photo is really heartwarming and hilarious. However, there’s another issue that he mentioned in the caption area which you might be little upset.

Nikki penned down a new message on Instagram and talked about the struggles he’s facing during the self-quarantine days. In the statement, you will notice some bold lines like, ‘I’m not sleeping well’ and ‘We are at war.’

Here’s how Nikki telling his current mental health status:

“We are very very fortunate we live in an area we can walk and not see people. I try to take this lil firecracker out for a picnic once or twice a week. I live it gratitude to all the selfless people fighting this pandemic.

I wish I could pitch in more. I do my part by being in a state of “How can I protect the people around me” and yes that even extends to wear the proper masking with latex gloves and hand sanitizer. My wife says I sweat a lot in my sleep when I am stressed. I am worried about my friends, family, and all people in general.

I am not sleeping well. Please don’t be a selfish prick by acting Cavalier and do whatever you wanna do including putting yourself and others at risk. We are at war. Pick aside.”

Click here to reach the Instagram post of Nikki. You can also see the photo that he posted below.

Photo Credit: Nikki Sixx – Instagram