Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has updated his Instagram feed and announced that he would no longer autograph for the fans’ items against the disgusting behavior of them.

The main reason behind Tommy’s decision is that fans are selling his priceless signed items on eBay. If you look at the photos, Tommy revealed that many signed items are sold on eBay.

In the statement, Tommy is really pissed off about the disrespectful behavior of the fans. And also added that he wasted his time with those people who are asking autographs from him just for selling them o eBay.

While ending his open letter, Tommy saddened his loyal fans by saying that he will never give autographs for anyone.

Here’s what Tommy Lee stated:

“Just wanted to do a public post saying that I’m done doing Fan mail. I thought I was doing the right thing by addressing the fan mail to people by their names so that they wouldn’t be re-sold online but now people are being so shady that they are whiting out their names and reselling on eBay.

I’m done taking my precious time to have people eBay my signature. There are literally hundreds. Hundreds of hours wasted. Those of you that got a signature.

I hope you enjoy it & appreciate it, and those of you that are selling can go fuck yourselves!!! I’m done! Don’t send anymore autograph requests.”

An Instagram user named 666hellsbelle commented and said:

“Agreed. I have all my autographs from the 80s and I’m going to be buried with them.”

Another fan named sugarcook29 wrote:

“Don’t blame you. It’s amazing how the greed of others will ruin it for everyone. Rock on.”

See the Instagram post below.