Mötley Crüe’s iconic drummer, Tommy Lee posted a really weird tweet on his verified Twitter page today and asked fans to help with him with an unusual texting style.

It seems that Tommy Lee’s text-life is getting boring that he chose to take his old letters and flipped them 180 degrees, upside down.

Here is what Tommy Lee normally wrote:

“Ummmmm….. Help!!!”

A user named Loree McKague commented:

“Have you been practicing in your new drum set up and got caught upside down??? I’m so happy Motley Crue is back.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with for drums!!!! I remember this!

Another user, Krzykvice made a funny comment:

“Tommy just woke up somewhere in Australia lol”

You can check out the tweet and some reactions below.

If you want to write texts like Tommy Lee, you can click here to visit the website.