Mötley Crüe drummer who is quite active on social matters on social media, Tommy Lee, has posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter account today and shared his opinions on Twitter’s permanent suspension of the current president of United States Donald Trump‘s account.

You may already follow the news that Twitter authorities have suspended Donald Trump’s official account named ‘realDonaldTrump’ yesterday due to violating Twitter Rules.

Twitter has made a public statement and stated that they’ve made the decision after a close review of Trump’s latest tweets. According to Twitter, Trump’s account was locked out after he called the protestors who occupied United States Capitol ‘patriots.’

Later on, Twitter administrators turned the lock out to a permanent ban after he called the protestors ‘patriots’ once again. Today, The Crüe’ drummer has posted a new tweet about the situation and accused them of being late for taking an action.

Here is what Tommy Lee wrote on his latest tweet:

“Hey, Twitter… You guys are just as fucked up as that clown for showing up way too late for the party!!! Where ya been?

How heavy is that rock you’ve been living under?🤦🏻‍♂️ #toolate #damageisdone”

You can check out the tweet below.