Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has slammed The president of the United States, Donald Trump over an interesting claim about Fox News.

Tommy mentioned Donald Trump’s twitter account, and said:

“Keep retweeting fox news @realDonaldTrump

So sad these are your only supporters!!! 😂”

A fan named Jace wrote to Tommy:

“Don’t waste your time he only listens to Faux news…”

Tommy responded:

“Hahahah!! That’s good …Faux News!!! you win!!!”

Check out the tweets below.

Back on July 25, Tommy has posted another tweet against Donald Trump, and wrote:

“Trump is scary delusional…. denial headquarters!!!”

He also posted a gif which Trump saying ‘you’re fired’ with this caption:



You just fired yourself… nice hands tied job mueller!!!”

Here’s the gif that Tommy shared: