Mötley Crüe star Tommy Lee’s long-time wife and the world’s most famous TikTok user, Brittany Furlan Lee, shared a bunch of new photos on her Instagram page today to mesmerize her fans once again.

You will check out the photos below that Brittany wears a cool-looking mask to protect herself from coronavirus. She’s just combined her perfect outfit with wearing a stylish leopard-print hat.

According to the caption she wrote, these rare images were taken by famous photographer Eric Blackmon. Here is the caption of the post:

“‘Selena Quarantina’ a few pics of me from Eric Blackmon’s social distancing shoot- #myfriendsincars 🖤”

An Instagram user named Tatianna commented on the post:

“You look like a cool bougie wine aunt, the one that slips you $100 at the family function when she comes back to visit the country before disappearing on another long exotic trip because she doesn’t have any kids.”

Another Brittany follower, mrsweil_xxi, shared this:

“Omfg! That video of u hitting Tommy with your purse… I’m lmaoooo.

You can see these rare frames of Brittany below.