Sorry to disappoint, but it seems like Vince Neil won’t be able to attend the upcoming RokIsland Fest after all. Fans who have been counting down to January 17 will have to wait to get a chance to see the Mötley Crüe vocalist’s performance. RokIsland Fest recently announced on Facebook that Neil will not take the stage due to contracting Covid-19 at the last minute, and the vocalist also gave an update about his health status.

“I am sad to report that yesterday I was diagnosed with Covid,” revealed the rocker in a statement attached to RokIsland Fest’s post. “I am okay, but this thing is kickin’ my ass. All that being said, I am unable to perform at RokIsland Fest next week.”

He continued, “I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the RokIsland Fest organizers and, most of all, my friends and fans. I am disappointed, to say the least. I was so looking forward to this show.”

The singer reassured his fans by expressing his excitement for 2024, adding that he would be ready to take the stage if given the opportunity. He noted, “I am hopeful I will have the opportunity to make this up in 2024. In closing, I wish all the attendees of RokIsland Fest 2023 a fun and exciting time with all the other amazing acts.”

The headliners now include Slaughter and Lynch Mob, who will replace Vince Neil and WIG WAM, in addition to Styx, Loverboy, Tesla, and many more. In the meantime, Mötley Crüe is also gearing up to resume touring in February to follow up their 2022 Stadium Tour with Def Leppard. Will Neil’s Covid-19 diagnosis affect the upcoming tour? We’ll just have to wait and see.