An Instagram fan page of Mötley Crüe exposed a photo of Vince Neil with his ex-wife, Sharise Neil, in which she gave a really sincere hug to Vince in public.

In this photo, Vince Neil and Sharise Neil appeared in the black leather outfits, while holding the ‘Blast’ magazine which has another Crüe legend, Nikki Sixx on the cover.

Here’s what the fan page captioned:

“Do you own a magazine featuring Mötley Crüe?”

A Mötley Crüe fan named wingarddouglas commented:

“I own books about Motley! I hope Vince is up for the tour. I love him as a hero and I’m getting tired of sticking up for him! #motleycrue.”

Another fan named robertgordon3 wrote this:

“I still have a circus magazine from the 80’s with you guys !!!”

You can see the Instagram photo below.