Craig Reynolds, who is the drummer of American hardcore punk band Stray From The Path, has shared a new update about his casual life on Twitter and mocked Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil in a really interesting way.

Craig said that he had to update his face ID because of his overweight problem, and he referred Vince Neil while writing about that issue. Check out what he wrote:

“I had to update my face ID. Because I’m so fucking fat and bloated I look like Vince Neil and that meant my online banking got reset then I forgot my password for that. So now I’m locked out of all my bank accounts for Christmas LOL.

I just played a whole set with a spring off my pedals and wondered why my brain wasn’t fucking working properly until it finally fell off during a section of drums on its own so that’s good.”

After a while, Craig’s tweet has reached over 140 likes on Twitter which is meaning that the post became some kind of viral on Twitter. By the way, Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil didn’t write any answer to Creg.

A fan named Dan responded to Craig:

“Cor this happened to me the other day. Infuriating to say the f*cking least #kickstartmybrain”

You can reach the tweets below.