The lead vocalist and frontman of Mötley Crüe, Vincent Neil Wharton was the recent interview guest of the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp’s Miles Schuman.

If you watch the movie of Mötley Crüe “The Dirt,” you’ll see that there’s a scene which Vince claimed he slept three women in that day. The interviewer mentioned that scene and asked an interesting question to Vince.

Interviewer said:

“But I imagine that once you guys find the super fame, kind of what I meant by that is that people gotta treat you differently once you go back and see people that you grew up with, right?”

Vince responded:

“No, I mean it was funny because when me, Tommy and Nikki got that apartment, the infamous apartment [inaudible], I didn’t really see any of my old friends anymore. It was mainly just the four of us all the time.”

Vince reveals the real truth behind the urban-myth that he slept with three girls in a day and shared the real story with Schuman.

Miles asked:

“Sure, and in the Eighties, I would argue, and the movie The Dirt would argue too that you guys kind of epitomized what everyone’s idea of the rock star is. Obviously though, touring isn’t what it used to be like. What does being a rock star in 2019 look like? Being out on the road, are we past the three girls a day thing?”

Vince responded:

“Well, I mean, when we first started out it was the four of us in a station wagon hauling a u-haul trailer. That was us “on the road”. Of course, it progressed to tour buses and airplanes and on and on like that. It’s funny, I think every band did what Motley Crue did but they just talked about us more.

When you are young, in your early twenties, late teens and you get a lot of money, there are always girls, there’s always rock and roll and it was having fun. It could take a toll on you, you could either stop it and continue on with your career or it could eat you alive and you end up destitute.”

You can watch the conversation below.

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