Vince Neil, the iconic frontman of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, has talked about his business out of his 40-years-long musical career and revealed that he has switched to some new field after opening strip clubs.

During his recent conversation on his fitness coach Zane Griggs’ video podcast, Vince Neil has opened up about various topics including his intense diet for the upcoming Mötley Crüe tour, the 40th anniversary of the band, and some little-known facts about early years of them in Hollywood.

Aside from the issues about his music, Neil’s businessman profile was also dug up by Griggs. The fitness coach and host, Zane Griggs, called Neil a very entrepreneurial man and asked why he stepped into several sectors other than music.

Vince Neil explained that he’s been in the glorious world of Vegas for a long while and likes to put a little bit of everything together to fit into there. He said he has had strip clubs, yet, switched to the restaurant business right after that. Neil also announced that he just started a new mezcal line, called ‘Pollo Caliente,’ and it will be coming out pretty soon.

As you might remember, Vince Neil opened a strip club, called ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’ a rock ‘n’ roll-themed bar, in downtown Las Vegas in 2012. He admitted that his dreams came true through this place and stated that they are never going to kick anyone out. As long as people are there, people will be dancing, he added.

Here’s what was asked to Vince Neil about his entrepreneur profile:

“I think you’ve had a tequila brand, you’ve had a vodka brand. I mean you’re very entrepreneurial.

Is it you’re attracted to the food, to the restaurant, entertaining, or is it like do you just really like risk? Do you really like kind of taking a risk and seeing what you can do with it?”

Vince Neil responded as:

“No, it’s like I’ve been doing it for a long time. Mexican restaurants, I’ve had strip clubs. Vegas is like kind of a bit of everything you know to eat basically American food.

Had wine, had vineyards. Just started a new mezcal. A mezcal line called Pollo Caliente. That will be coming out pretty soon. A little bit of everything which makes it fun not just being in rock, doing some other stuff too.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation below.