Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil‘s girlfriend Rain Hannah posted a video of Vince and their late dog Cali Neil via Instagram stories with the song Vince wrote for his late daughter Skylar playing in the background.

As you might recall, Vince Neil and his longtime girlfriend Rain Hannah lost their beloved dog California Wolf Neil a few months ago. Later it was revealed that Cali was brutally killed by the dogs of their neighbor right outside their house.

Since the tragic death of their 6-year-old family member, Vince and Rain posting their photos together and sharing their feelings and healing process after the loss of Cali often on social media.

Recently, Rain Hannah posted an old video of Vince and Cali via Instagram stories playing at their house and she added Vince’s song ‘Skylar’s Song‘ in the background. The song was actually dedicated to Vince Neil’s daughter Skylar from his marriage with fashion model Sharise Ruddell.

In 1995, Skylar sadly passed away at the age of four after struggling with cancer for a while. Mötley Crüe icon released the song ‘Skylar’s Song’ dedicated to his daughter as a part of his second solo album named ‘Carved in Stone‘ in 1995.

You can watch the video Rain Hannah posted via Instagram stories below.