Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell talked in a recent interview with a podcast named ‘Scars And Guitars’, and revealed the most misunderstanding thing about the band and late frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

According to Phil, some rock and metal fans are not giving respect to other Motörhead members because of they are just thinking that all Motörhead music is coming from Lemmy Kilmister.

Here’s what he said:

“We still play ‘Ace of Spades’ and one or two Motorhead songs. I enjoy playing them, they go down well. We play lots of our own stuff as well.

Some people, they don’t even bother to read the writing credits of the Motorhead stuff. They just think it’s Lemmy’s thing. That kind of pisses me off. A lot of people seem to think that way.

A few times I’ve said to people, ‘Read the writing credits.’ You can only take so much sometimes. [Laughs]

It depends on what mood you get in, but I know what all the other band members have contributed. It was a proper band effort, we all worked hard with that band. Everyone was working their asses off.”

You can listen to the entire interview here. Click here for the source of the statement.

Phil Campbell’s new solo track named “Swing It” was released, and the song is featuring Alice Cooper. You can listen to it below.