Motörhead’s guitarist Phil Campbell spoke on his new solo album in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar. He says that he started writing songs with his band “Phil Campbell & the Bastard Sons”. Here’s the statement:

We put the band together four years ago just for a bit of fun. We played at a party and then we booked some festivals and we were doing some really cool cover songs for a few years. We did some touring on my downtime with Motörhead.

When Lemmy sadly passed away a year ago, it enabled me this year to have a little bit more time. We were planning on writing our own material as well but we managed to get an EP out this year of some songs.

We’re planning on doing a full album next year and I’m still plodding on with my solo record. I put that on hold for six months to do the EP. I’ll be concentrating on both next year so it should be pretty busy. But I’m really pleased with the EP, yeah.

My son Todd produced it in our own studio and I’m really pleased with it for the sound and everything. It’s a big sound and the tracks are sounding really fresh. It’s had a great response so far.”

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