Motörhead’s legendary vocalist Lemmy Kilmister passed away in 2015. We still have memorial parties about him and we continue to hear good words from his behind.

Recently, Phil Campbell, a close friend of Lemmy and guitarist of the Motörhead, expressed his feelings about Lemmy. He spoke in an interview with Full Metal Jackie and explained what he missed most about Lemmy. He said:

“Just the day-to-day stuff. Going to his room in the hotel or just saying, ‘Hey Lemmy are you coming out the club tonight?’

Just hanging out with him, basically. Calling him up while we’re on tour asking him how he’s doing. Just a mate; I’ve lost a great mate. Also, playing onstage with him every night, shouting at each other for playing too loud.

It’s a lot, really. I was with him for 32 years. I spent more time with him than I did with my wife and family. We made good music and I have many many fond memories. That’s what happens and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. He’s here with me every day. I pray he’s telling me to turn it down or whatever he does.”

He also gave new information to Motörhead fans about his new works. He said:

“I think Motorhead fans, hopefully they’ll like the honesty and just balls out rock and roll sound. Some stuff is going to sound like Motorhead a little bit, because obviously I wrote nearly all the riffs in Motorhead. Just gotta write good songs, good rock songs. Heavy rock songs, heavy metal, heavy rock, whatever. Do some bits and pieces, surprising ones.

There’s a different track on the EP. One that’s called “Life in Space,” which is a little bit different. Track five, which is a beautiful song. Motorhead fans have been amazing, amazing to myself and to the band for years. You don’t need to put out any s–t. I never have done intentionally, and I never will. We’ll try it anyway.”

If you want to read the entire interview, click here.