The English rock band Motörhead‘s well-known guitarist, Phil Campbell, talked about the last years of the band before the death of the band’s vocalist Lemmy Kilmister on ‘CatTales Podcast.’

Lemmy Kilmister dealt with many health issues over the years. He died on December 28, 2015, in his apartment from congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia and prostate cancer, at the age of 70. Motörhead mentioned that he was diagnosed with cancer only two days before his death.

Phil Campbell talked about Lemmy’s last years on the podcast and how his health issues affected their performance:

“Towards the last couple of years, Lem wasn’t quite himself. He just wanted to carry on. You could see Lemmy aging a little bit more, ’cause he was a fair amount older than the rest of us.

But he was doing fine – he was playing fine. We just carried on. We kind of slowed it down a little bit, but it was still full-on touring compared to what other bands do. Us slowing down was just like full-on touring for many other bands.”

They continued touring as much as they could:

“So we’d still go on tour for two months anywhere where they would have us… But Lem played basically like he wanted to do as long as he possibly could. But it was difficult to watch sometimes at the very end.”

Phil Campbell also talked about how he felt after Motörhead’s break up:

“For 30 years, it was like my routine, basically. Traveling on a bus and meeting at airports and soundchecks and having a laugh and watching TV and all the stuff day after day after day after day after day.

All of a sudden, it just stops. But, great memories. We made some great music for people to still rock out to, so that’s great.”

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