Korn guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer recently joined Radioacktiva Colombia for an interview during which he revealed the thing that changed most in members of Korn now that they are older.

Back when Korn was formed in 1993, all of the founding members were around their twenties. They made a demo tape titled ‘Neidermayer’s Mind’ and distributed this tape for free to record companies and the public. They then made their debut in 1994 with a self-titled album, and experienced mainstream success with 1998’s ‘Follow The Leader’ and 1999’s ‘Issues.’

As of now, Korn members are all in their early fifties, and they seem to be quite eager to continue making music as a band since they recently released a new record titled ‘Reqiuem’ on February 4. However, as many years passed since Korn was formed, the band members’ perception of the world also changed.

In an interview with Radioacktiva Colombia, Korn’s Munky stated that back when Korn was formed, they only cared about partying and fun as they were young. However, now that they are in their 50s, they don’t feel old as the music keeps them young, but they now have lots of wisdom they collected throughout their career.

Moreover, Munky said they now care about how they will be remembered, how their fans will remember their music, and what they leave behind. He then added that these are new insights for them, and they want to be remembered as a band that helped people rather than one which couldn’t help themselves.

During the conversation, Munky said the following:

“I think this band, well, I don’t think; I know this band, in the past, like the early ’90s and the 2000s, we were not concerned about tomorrow so much. We were living in the moment. We were young. All we cared about was the party. ‘We don’t care about what happens tomorrow; we just care about today.’ And that was fun.

But now, with us all in our early 50s, it’s hard to say that we are that old… it’s hard to take that in we are in our 50s. But we don’t feel like we are that old because the music keeps us so young. But at the same time, we have a lot of wisdom that we’ve collected along the way.

He then continued:

“One of those things is we do care about how we’re remembered; we care about what our children are gonna think of us; how we act now and how that’s gonna carry on for a generation or two generations; how people remember our music; what we leave behind.

All these things are just these new, it’s a new insight and it’s a new outlook for us. I guess, as seasoned songwriters, and we’re all fathers now, we wanna be remembered as a band that helped people, not a band that couldn’t help ourselves.”

You can watch the full interview below.