Speaking in an interview with Q104.3 Radio, Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme has revealed his idols as a musician.

Interviewer said:

“If you could stand in front of and watch one musician, dead or alive, play – who would that musician be?”

Chris responded:

“My musical idol is probably Brian Wilson, but I have seen him a few times, and I saw him very recently in Bristol. Beach Boys were kind of the band I loved growing up and they’re the kind of band that kind of stayed with me my entire life, but I have actually seen Brian Wilson a lot anyway, so I guess I have to pick somebody else.

I don’t know, maybe Jimi Hendrix. Oh, Kurt Cobain actually. I was a massive Nirvana fan and I never got to see them play live which was tragic.”

He also explained why their official website from Mauritius (Muse.mu) and said:

“When we first set up our website, Muse-dot-com was owned by somebody else, and we tried to buy it off them but they wouldn’t sell it to us. They wanted like a ridiculous amount of money for the domain name, they knew we were this band that just got signed.

I don’t think Muse-dot-UK was available either, I think Muse-dot-ord was but we didn’t like the sound of that. And then we realized that Muse-dot-mu was obviously in the first two letters of the band – that was available and we thought. ‘It actually sounds quite cool.'”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.