Matthew James Bellamy, who is the singer and guitarist of British rockers Muse, has revealed his thoughts about Billie Eilish during a recent interview with

Matt stated that he’s catching the main messages of Billie Eilish because of the connection between his mentality and Billie’s dark lyrics. He also made a really bold claim about her and said that Billie is the biggest artist in the world right now.

Here’s what Matt said:

“I know she’s the biggest artist in the world right now but I like Billie Eilish. I’m going to see her in concert tomorrow.

“It’s one of those radio shows where everyone plays about 30 minutes. The Black Keys and Coldplay are playing too. But I really like Billie Eilish – that dark atmosphere she creates is something I can really connect with.”

He also talked about his signature guitar, Mansons, and said:

“When I pick up this guitar, it makes me play the way I play and come up with the ideas I come up with that are different from when I play any other type of guitar. That’s all to do with feeling. To some extent, you can go anywhere you want with sounds now but I still think the way a guitar feels is important. It directs the way you play.

I wanted to come up with a guitar that would lead me down a path of 21st-century music rather than going backward with a retro feel. That’s always been the challenge with the guitar in the modern era of music.”

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