Muse frontman Matt Bellamy spoke in an interview with Guitar World, and revealed what he’s jealous about Ed Sheeran. He said:

“I’ve been quite interested in what Ed Sheeran does with the looping systems. That’s something I’ve never really dabbled in, but I’d like to. Especially now, with the access I have to synth sounds coming from the guitar.

So I haven’t really begun yet, but at some point, I like the idea of experimenting more with getting some looping sounds going and exploring that side of it.”

He also explained that why he said ‘the guitar isn’t used so much as a lead instrument anymore’ during another interview. He said:

“I did say that. But actually, I wouldn’t mind rephrasing that quote. I think maybe using the word ‘lead’ was misleading.

Because if anything, the only kind of guitar that is relevant, or at least still useful, nowadays, is guitar that is showcased as being a guitar. And by that I mean the guitar is no longer heard just strumming away in the background and creating a sort of pad-like sound.

In the ’90s, power-chords were this sort-of defining thing. They were a way of saying, ‘Oh, we’re a rock band.’ Whereas in this decade, the guitar is not usually the dominant sound in a song.

But it is still a lead instrument, in that when it’s featured, it’s featured. And that’s kind of the way I treat the guitar on this album [‘Simulation Theory’].

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