Marc Geiger, who is the former head of music at WME and one of the founders of Lollapalooza, revealed that he does not hope the live shows to take place before 2022.

Geiger was the latest guest of the new episode of The Bob Lefsetz Podcast and he shared his honest opinions about the live music industry for the upcoming period. Marc Geiger explained that the shows presumably will not return in 2021, as well.

He admitted that the economy of the entertainment sector is now pretty bad and its recovery is not that easy. Marc Geiger remarked that more time will be needed for people to safely go back to the world in which they can enjoy the live performances of their favorite musicians. Geiger said:

“My guess is late ’21, more likely ’22… Look, the whole thing is a shit show. Whether it’s testing or it’s the government, it’s too infinite of a well to go down. But in my humble opinion, it’s going to be ’22.

It’s going to take that long before what I call the ‘germaphobia economy‘ to be slowly killed off and be replaced by what I call the ‘claustrophobia economy,’ which is where everybody wants to go out and go back to dinner and have their life and go to festivals and go to shows.”

Geiger also mentioned that he is highly aware of the risk these festivals, concerts, and all kinds of collective activities carry for society when looking from a broad perspective. He continued:

“And my instinct is that’s just going to take a while because as you can see, these super-spreader events – sports, shows, festivals, anything, the classroom – ain’t going to do too well while the virus is this present.

So my instinct is the world has a very long, forced timeout. A lot of people see the positives in it, whether it’s climate, whether it’s pollution, whether it’s traffic, whether it’s nature, whether it’s animals, whether it’s our own beings and taking a pause.

And I know it’s frustrating, maddening, and economically destructive. But… this is bigger than us, and if you study history things like this have happened in history and been super-disruptive to normal society. So here’s a biggie for our lifetime.”

You can listen the episode of The Bob Lefsetz Podcast, in which Geiger took part, here.