Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway spoke in a recent interview with Loudersound and recalled when they hung out with Motörhead’s late icon Lemmy Kilmister.

Lemmy Kilmister is considered one of the best rock musicians in the industry. He recorded over twenty studio albums with Motörhead in thirty-five years. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2015 at the age of 70.

In the conversation, Greenway remembered when Napalm Death was supporting Motörhead in Germany. The musician said that it was an unbelievable experience for him to play along with such an iconic band.

Furthermore, the singer said that Lemmy wanted to hang out with them once after one of the shows in eastern Germany, and they were trying to go to the bar by taxi. However, the driver was playing some terrible songs from the stereo.

Barney stated that Lemmy pulled a cassette out of his top pocket after a short period and told the driver to put that tape on. Later on, they realized that Little Richard was banging through the speakers, which was surreal for the singer.

Barney Greenway talked about the time when they hung out with Lemmy in the interview:

“Years ago, we were supporting Motörhead on some dates in Germany, and just getting on a support tour was surreal. One night after one of the gigs in East Germany Lemmy wanted to go to a bar with me, Shane our bass player, and Mitch, our guitarist.

We got in this taxi and the driver was playing some absolute bollocks on the stereo and Lemmy pulled a cassette out of his top pocket and told the taxi driver to put it on. Then, Little Richard started blaring out of the speakers! It was surreal.”

Later in the talk, Greenway showed his respect for Lemmy and Motörhead by saying that they are his favorite band of all time. According to Barney, they were the first extreme band in the scene.