Nazareth’s bassist Pete Agnew talked about the band they listened to in a recent interview with Power Metal Point. Agnew revealed that Nazareth was not into Black Sabbath regardless of the common misconception.

Black Sabbath made a massive impact on the music industry by mixing other genres like psychedelic and blues into their work. They brought new tastes with their loud sounds, guitar riffs, and Ozzy Osbourne’s brutal sound. The band created a dark atmosphere with the lyrics and put the first building blocks of the metal music. While they still have so many fans worldwide, some people are not into their music that much.

Scottish hard rock band Nazareth reached popularity with their album named ‘Hair of the Dog’ in the ’70s. They had many hit songs such as ‘Love Hurts,’ ‘Razamanaz,’ ‘Broken Down Angel,’ and ‘Bad Bad Boy.’ The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were the inspiration for the band’s creation of their music, but they weren’t into Black Sabbath, as their bassist revealed recently.

In a recent interview, Pete Agnew talked about how they decided to cover Joni Mitchell’s ‘This Flight Tonight.’ Agnew revealed that they listened to many different names when they were on the tour bus, and Joni was one of them. He also added that they were not into Black Sabbath, contrary to what everybody thought about them.

Pete Agnew explained his opinion about Black Sabbath:

“All the covers we did came from when we were traveling around through the night in a van. You know, we were coming back from the gigs, going the gigs when we were traveling all over Europe, playing in the big van where all the guys banged together. That was the tapes you were playing, and that was one of the ones. You see, the thing is everybody thinks we were all listening to Black Sabbath. We didn’t listen to Black Sabbath.”

You can listen to the entire conversation below.