It seems like there’s even more drama brewing within the legendary rock band Journey. According to a recent Facebook post by Neal Schon’s wife, Michaele Salahi, another member of the current lineup besides Jonathan Cain, is strictly against having original member Gregg Rolie return for the band’s 50th-anniversary tour.

After the sad news of Jeff Beck’s passing, Salahi wrote in her Facebook post, “Life is precious. Jeff Beck has shown us that, along with so many who are in Heaven now, we see how very precious time is. We look forward to seeing everyone soon on tour. Two band members of the Journey current lineup are adamant ‘NO’ against Gregg Rolie to return. Life is so precious, Neal and Gregg agree. Who wants to have that feeling? Truly sad.”

For those unfamiliar, Rolie was one of the founding members of Journey and played keyboards and sang lead vocals on the band’s first several albums. He left the band in 1980 but has since occasionally made guest appearances with the band. Salahi’s post expressed disappointment and sadness about the situation and called for forgiveness for those who may have hurt Rolie.

She also revealed that Schon and Rolie will reunite at least once this year to honor what they started decades ago. Michaele added, “Neal Schön and Gregg Rolie will be somewhere together at least one time this year in honor of what they began in 1972.”

It’s not uncommon for there to be conflicts within bands, especially when it comes to touring or reunion plans. However, it’s worth noting that Journey has had a rotating cast of members throughout its history. Fans of the band will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds.

However, one thing’s for sure; Gregg Rolie’s contributions to the band are undeniable, and his return would be a treat for fans. It’s important to remember the band’s origins and the role Rolie played in it. Let’s hope that the band members can find a way to come together and put on a great show for the fans.