In a recent interview with Rock Interview Series, Neil Carter revealed that it was a nightmare getting paid for the UFO songs after the band’s reunion.

Neil Carter achieved success in the music scene at a very young age. He has worked with many impactful names from different genres throughout his successful music career. For instance, he contributed to Gary Moore’s many albums, such as ‘Victims of The Future’ and ‘Wild Frontier’ as keyboardist and guitarist.

Carter’s one of the most notable appearance was to be a part of the UFO. He debuted with the band at the Reading Festival in 1980. Carter was the guitarist and keyboardist on UFO’s several albums like ‘The Wild, the Willing, and the Innocent’ and ‘Mechanix.’ The musician also replaced Paul Raymond, after his passing, for the 2019 tour.

Recently, Neil Carter talked about Phil Mogg’s reunion with UFO after a short break in the early ’90s. According to Carter, the band was not being managed in a good way during this reunion. UFO’s financial management was disorganized; therefore, he had to chase after his money to get paid for the songs he wrote. The musician described this disorder of the group at that time as a ‘nightmare.’

About Phil Mogg’s reunion with UFO, Neil Carter explained:

“That was the end of it, allegedly, but then Phil got back together with UFO a year or so later. And again, it’s right; I mean, he is the voice of UFO. At the time, I was pretty surprised, but he needed to continue to work. You need to go out and work and do some stuff because the affairs of the band were not very well managed.

All of us needed to work, and none of us could retire on what UFO has done up to that point, and that is quite surprising. I only started getting money from the songs I wrote for UFO about 2000-and-something. I had to go after the money to get it because it was just so chaotically managed; it was a nightmare. It was an absolute nightmare. So, in 1983 we thought that was it, completely.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.