One of the most precious rock music veterans of our community, Neil Young, posted a new photo on his official Instagram page and revealed yet another memoir to show the collector side of him.

This time, Buffalo Springfield legend recalled the 50th anniversary of the ‘Kent State Shootings,’ which is the huge tragedy that causes dying four and wounding of nine Kent State demonstrator students.

Here is the caption.

“Today marks 50 years since the Kent State shootings that inspired “Ohio.” This original lyrics manuscript is from May 20th, 1970.

#NeilYoung #NeilYoungArchives #Ohio”

An Instagram user named rae_gbiv shared her opinion:

“Every time my boyfriend and I cover this song; the lyrics make me tear up. One of the most powerful songs ever written. Love this song and love you, Neil.”

Another Neil fan named janthepayne commented:

“💜 It helped turn the tide against the Vietnam War. Thank you for writing it.”

Check out the rare memoir of Neil Young below.