Neil Young, who is an iconic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, shared a new post on his official Instagram account and announced that he re-recorded a song from his ‘Colorado’ album to help the combat against coronavirus.

COVID-19, publicly known as coronavirus, has been spreading all around the globe for over three months and infected over 1.6M people. Currently, there are 1.1M active cases have confirmed by the authorities.

To show his support this fight against coronavirus, Neil Young re-recorded the ‘Shut It Down’ song, which was released in October 2019, and shared it with a new music video. Currently, this video watched over 44K times on Youtube.

Here is what Neil Young wrote:

“Shut It Down 2020. World Premiere Video will premiere here first – this morning at 9 AM PST on the front page of the Times Contrarian.

A new version of the song ‘Shut it Down’ has been made as a document of Earth’s reaction to 2020’s historic pandemic.”

He added:

“Never before in human history has our planet come together in this way, utilizing modern communications to ensure everyone understands that responsibility to our fellow man and the continuing life of Humanity depends on each person’s actions.

You could have it. Stop the Spread. Break the Chain. Love, be well.”

A fan named Sedan added this comment:

“Great song from 2019 has now been giving new a meaning.”

Another fan named Anthony Myers said:

“Strange days indeed All the worlds a stage and each must play. How many more acts to play 👏”

You can check out the post and watch the music video below.