One of the legendary musicians in the rock history, Neil Young, took to his official Instagram account to take attention to the important problems of the United States and celebrated the victory.

Right now, three pipeline projects, Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone Pipeline System, and Atlantic Coast Pipeline are canceled by the authorities and this news made the environmentalists happy, even though Dakota Pipeline was temporarily shut down.

Neil Young wanted to celebrate the solve of these problems of the country and congratulated the people who are fighting for these results on the frontline. He said that this is a clear victory from Indigenous and Black-led groups who are protesting these projects from the beginning.

Here is what Neil Young wrote:

“Back when we arrived at #StandingRock & now…

Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been canceled. Court-ordered DAPL temporarily shut down by Aug 5. Supreme Court blocked construction on KeystoneXL.

On Tuesday, a federal judge denied an emergency request by the owners of the Dakota Access oil pipeline (#DAPL) for the court to reconsider its order to shut and drain the 570,000 barrel-a-day line within a month.

These wins are due to Indigenous and Black-led groups fighting for their communities. Congratulations to those on the frontlines. Onward!”

You can check out the post below.