The legendary Canadian-American folk-rock star and well-known activist on social media, Neil Young, has posted a rare photo on verified Instagram page to remember the old days of him with his bandmates.

This rare photo was taken in the home of Neil Young on March 12, 1965. In the pose, he was rehearsing with his bandmates, Randy Peterson, Ken Koblun, and Perry Walker. This photo was taken by Ken Koblun’s girlfriend, Diana Halter.

Here is what Neil wrote on the post:

“March 12, 1965

Neil’s house, Winnipeg, MB. The Squires rehearsing in the living room.
From left: drummer Randy Peterson, guitarist Perry Walker, NY, bassist Ken Koblun

Trying out different musicians for The Squires. Looking for musicians who would travel outside of Winnipeg. Randy is the little brother of Gary, drummer for the ‘Guess Who’ from Winnipeg.

Photo by Diana Halter (Ken Koblun’s girlfriend)

#NeilYoung #NeilYoungArchives.”

You can see the Instagram post of him right below.