The iconic vocalist Neil Young shared a post on his official Instagram page in order to celebrate his 75th birthday, apparently, with a marijuana joint in an ashtray after being sober on and off since 2011 because of his health issues.

As you may remember, nearly a decade ago, Neil Young opened up about his addiction to smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol and stated that he used to smoke marijuana as often as others smoke cigarettes. During an interview with the New York Times, Young stated that he wanted to experience life without smoking and under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Here is what Young said:

“I did it for 40 years. Now I want to see what it’s like to not do it. It’s just a different perspective.”

Unfortunately, Neil Young has epilepsy, which causes epileptic seizures, and he also suffered a brain aneurysm in 2005, both conditions alone force him to stop using drugs and drinking alcohol.

Although he has been sober for about 9 years now, Neil Young shared a post on his official Instagram page for his 75th birthday and seemingly he preferred to celebrate his birthday with cannabis as he posted a picture of half-smoked marijuana. Young seemed to chose to smoke for a special occasion yet the picture may be an indication for him starting smoking again.

Here’s how Neil Young described his latest post:

“It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

You can see the Instagram post below.