The iconic rock music veteran Neil Young shared a new video on his verified Instagram page today and showed off how he still manages to be positive during the self-quarantine days we are facing.

As you will check out the video of Neil right below that he warned his fans to stay safe and vigilant to save their loved ones. This new video of Neil got over 10K likes in a really short time.

Here is the caption of the video:

“Come Join Us
Fireside Session III is still up on
Stay Safe
Stay Vigilant
Save Your Loved Ones ☮️💜 Showing at the Hearse Theater
#NeilYoung #NeilYoungArchives #FiresideSessions”

A follower of Neil named seabear83 commented on the post:

“I’ve been down but I’m, coming back up againnnnn! #whiteline”

Another Instagram user, legendarygriffin wrote this:

“Loving the double love from Tonight’s the Night on Fireside III – thank you!”

You can watch the latest Instagram post of Neil right below.