The legendary Canadian-American folk-rock star and well-known activist on social media, Neil Young, posted a new photo on his verified Instagram page to mourn his late friend, Larry Johnson.

You might already know that one of the best friends of Neil’s life and famous documentary filmmaker, Larry Johnson, has passed away last month. Today, Neil wanted to mention his late friend by sharing the house they shot his well-known music video, “You Never Call.’

Here is what Neil wrote on the post:

“Movietone: You Never Call

for my old friend and partner Larry Johnson, a man who helped me make all these things we are collecting now for you.

Now Showing at the Hearse Theater

#NeilYoung #NeilYoungArchives”

A user named mothernaturessilverseed commented on the post:

“Saw you play this at Massey Hall in 2010. It was fantastic.

Thx. LA Johnson!!!!!! Woo!!! ♥️”

Another Neil follower carpetrides wrote this as a comment:

“Great record from that location …Le Noise. Publish the guitar specs, the sound was bold.”

Check out the photo of Neil and ‘You Never Call’ performance right below.