The legendary Canadian-American folk-rock star and well-known activist on social media, Neil Young, posted a new photo on his verified Instagram page to expose the golden-worth vinyl, which is ‘Year of the Horse.’

In the statement of the post, Neil said that the ‘Year of The Horse’ album was released on 17 June 1997 for the soundtrack of a movie called Crazy Horse by the famous filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. He also said that his father, Scott Young, starred in this movie.

Here’s what Neil Young said:

“Album of the Week: Year of the Horse. Released 6-17-1997.

The soundtrack for a movie made about Crazy Horse by the great filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, the film features David Briggs, my dad Scott Young, and countless other characters, The horse rocks through the whole movie! I love my dad in this one.”

A fan named colinj commented and said:

“We need a reissue (and remaster) of this!.”

Another fan named mwmiller330 wrote:

“The best version of Dangerbird 🤘🤘”

See the Instagram photo below.