The legendary American-Canadian singer and songwriter, Neil Young, penned a recent letter for his fans and revealed that they won’t’ postpone their upcoming tour.

As you might already familiar with the news that Neil Young is a Crazy Horse member for 51 years, and the band is making their final preparations for their tour.

While Neil stated that they are not going to cancel the tour, he also warned their older audience about the coronavirus breakout and stated that they need to be more careful than ever.

Here is the official letter of Neil:

“These are uncertain times. I wish you all the best as you care for our sick, the young and old who we love so much.

We find ourselves looking at this uncertain world, with our Crazy Horse Barn Tour booked and ready to announce the first leg, The idea of announcing the tour and putting tickets on sale is questionable and needs to be thought through. Many of our music-loving fans have been waiting for almost 10 years for us to break it out and hit the road.

We are all super ready to go, and the last thing we want to do is put people at risk, especially our older audience. No one wants to become sick in this pandemic.

He continued:

“So here we are together, watching to see how it goes, how long it will last, and how many more of our planet’s people and animals will be affected.

We are learning now that it may have started with humans treating animals in inhumane ways In a Chinese city market. If that is the case, we may learn something more. Treat other living things as you would like to be treated. We aren’t as sure as we need to be yet. There is so much we don’t know.

Sending best wishes to all of the health care and government workers in all of the world, to all the scientists who will learn and share with us the best ways to ensure survival in our world challenged. Let’s all work together and stay positive that we will find a way. With love to all, in all walks of life, all political persuasions, all colors. We will succeed working together for the good of our world as we are here together, hanging in the Balance of Nature.”

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