Stills, Nash & Young star and founder of Crazy Horse, Neil Young, was recently interviewed by Andy Greene of Rolling Stone last week and shared the latest ever details about his upcoming album as well as whether he has any gigs to make in near future.

As you may remember, Neil Young and Crazy Horse released their first-ever studio album since 2012 named ‘Colaroda’ back in 2019 and the band keeps its silence since then. While Neil Young’s 39th studio album peaked 46th spot in the US Billboard 200 list, it also got great ratings from both professionals and audiences.

In his latest interview with Rolling Stone, Young was asked the latest status of the upcoming Crazy Horse album and what he thinks about live concerts while he has not played in any live event since Farm Aid two years ago. According to Neil, he has no plans to make any gigs until he’s %100 sure the audience is safe.

Here is what he said:

“I have five songs ready for the next album. I think over time the rest will come and we may start recording again soon. No gigs planned until I am sure the audience is safe.”

You can listen to the Farm Aid performance of Young below.

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