One of the most influential rock musicians of his generation, Neil Young, has shared the new photos on his official Instagram account and exposed some of the letters he received from his fans.

The 74-year-old musician likes to publish and respond to the letters he got from his fans. He asked his fans to write him a letter for this reason.

Neil Young asked his fans to send his letters on his official website called ‘,’ and he said that he would publish the valuable ones.

Here’s what Neil Young captioned:

“A new batch of letters have been answered in the Times Contrarian.

Want to send a letter to Neil? Write to us via the contact page on to be considered for publishing. Make sure to select “Question for Neil” from the drop-down menu. Thanks for writing in!

Page 2, Column 1 of the NYATC.”

An Instagram user named steelydiane commented and said:

“Thanks, Neil. For all of the music and for staying humble.”

Another fan named pigment_dreams wrote:

“Love this🖤✔️‼️”

See the Instagram post below.